Avoid Committee Rule

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Avoid Committee Rule

Committees are absolutely lethal, both to the now murdered fledgling concept and to the sanity of everyone involved. They are the antithesis of the creative process. A brainstorming party is for the brain dead. Collaboration is for those with no ideas, desperately trying to magic up some half-baked nonsense from thin air. Save yourself some time and energy and disband the committee before it’s formed.

Don’t sacrifice your idea at the alter of committee. It will cut out it’s heart and burn it’s soul. Anything en masse bogs you down, slows you down and gets you down. Committees are breeding grounds for compromise as the tyranny of conformity rules the roost. Conformity is no place for risk and compromise is no place for innovation.

Too many cooks do spoil the broth, and at best you’ve reheated the obvious or at worst you’ve burnt something that had potential. Turn down to gas mark 2 and get out of the kitchen. 

You need self-belief and integrity, have the courage of your convictions to run with your own ideas. Ideas are fragile, they need to be massaged until they purr. They do not need to be bastardized and overcomplicated by a meeting room full of muppets.

Like all things in life, the best ideas start small. They are born of the central vision of individuals or small and longstanding tight knit teams; teams that are an extension of you, rather than an addition to you. Then you can fine tune your V8 until the tail pipes sing and burn blue.

Committees are to ideas what kryptonite is to Superman.

Once you have a concept tuned, locked, loaded and ready to roll you can then look to use small teams to implement and realise this vision. Individual vision is always the force behind truly remarkable ideas & concepts. 

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