Be a selfish bastard and ignore advice

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Be a selfish bastard and ignore advice

I love ignoring advice as much as every stupid muppet loves giving it to me. My advice, to those seeking some advice, is don’t even bother. Advice is for freaks and clowns. The thing about being driven is you need to know your own way.

Inevitably when you start a business, everyone you know, and everyone you don’t, is suddenly an all-conquering expert. Ignore them. Stick to your vision, make your own rules and kick ass. Other people don’t understand, and they certainly don’t care as much as you do.

If your business stands or falls, it should do so through your decisions, not those of any faux, part-time, amateur business guru. These phoney practitioners will advise you to ‘Learn from your mistakes’. Learning from mistakes is for losers. The only thing you learn from mistakes is that you are not good enough and that you need to get better. You need to realise that you learn from your successes.

If mistakes do get made the key thing is not wasting time by looking to learn anything from them but being smart enough and fast enough to fix them as soon as you can. You need to be in tune with your business to spot any potential issues developing and nip them in the bud before they grow arms and legs. And by arms I mean a fully loaded AK-47 pointed at your neck.

Believe. The stronger your belief in your idea, the less need for others to input. The better your idea, the less credible anyone else’s input will be. You know your world, you’ve lived with this idea, nurtured it and now you, and you alone, will make it happen. Don’t follow when you can lead.

Be a selfish bastard. Seriously, you have to be. If you’re not 110% up for it, no one else is going to give a damn. Make crafted products you love, create environments you want to hang out in and give the kind of service you’d love to receive yourself.

Being obsessive, tunnel visioned and totally focussed might not make you pin-up of the month. But it will make the difference between success and failure. Your greatest asset is yourself and your unwavering belief and commitment to your business.

As well as ignoring advice, you also need to be completely oblivious to the real world. The real world not a place but merely an excuse. A vindication of mediocrity. A justification for not even trying. It applauds the average and it sets the bar at the same height for all. Give it both barrels. To you it is dead. Causa mortis – its own ineptitude.

Buy the ticket, take the ride and row away from the rocks.

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