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Business For Punks

Forget what you knew about business. It’s time for the new reality.

Business. Much, much more than besuited goons quivering in front of Lord Alan as he prepares to point the finger. It’s not a charade. Or entertainment. It is untold hours of physical and mental effort as you start from nothing and attempt to build something, snatching sleep where you can (on sacks of malt, for instance). It is battering, disheartening and fucking hard work.
If you have ever stopped to think how it was that James and Martin turned a Fraserburgh-based brewery staffed by the pair of them and a Labrador into the UK’s fastest-growing Food & Drinks Company then a new book penned by Captain James spells out exactly how it was done.
Business for Punks is out now

Inside, over 250 pages of uncompromising detail on how the revolution began, how the record-books were re-written and exactly how to light fires along the way. From finance, to marketing, to dialling down every single aspect of your product, Business for Punks gives you the essence of how BrewDog changed the game and created a new approach to business along the way.

The book reveals the story of how James and Martin tore up the rulebook and did things on their own terms, terrifying the establishment as they went. It underpins the BrewDog philosophy at every turn – to identify what matters and sacrifice everything to make it happen, exactly on your terms. Be beholden to no-one. Least of all people who try to tell you what to do.

Business for Punks outlines this revolutionary philosophy and elaborates on the good, the bad and the ugly of learning how to run and grow a company the hard way.

Forget what you knew about business. About BrewDog. It’s time for the new reality.

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