Buying is the new selling.

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Buying is the new selling.

You don’t need to sell your product; your product needs to sell itself. 
You have to make your cash, no matter how limited, work hard. When you’ve made it work hard, make it work harder. Being small, you need to think big about your cash. You need to set a target of getting 10 times the bang for your bucks an average company would get, making your cash work ten times harder than your bigger, cash rich competitors. If you don’t, you don’t close the gap. And let’s not forget they have a multi-million pound head start. Time to give your cash a serious work out. 
By embracing the power of leveraging every single thing at your disposal, by making more intelligent decisions and by having a much bigger appetite for risk you can make your limited supply of bucks make exponential bang after exponential bang. 

In every single deal and every single purchase you make you have to leverage everything at your disposal. Sell the people who are selling to you on your company growth potential, on the brand association, on your ability to pay quickly, on your desire for a long-term partnership as you make them hungry for the deal. Your core offering costs you less than cash, so you can always use that to sweeten a deal. 
Play suppliers and quotes off against each other; make up alternative quotes if you don’t have them to hand. Never be scared to make an offer which is too low when you are buying something and always be prepared to walk away from a deal which does not feel right or stack up commercially. Spend every last dime as if it actually was your last and ensure that your team spend every single cent as if it were their own.  Just spending your money a little bit smarter means you can make your limited budget go much further. 
Spend small, think big. Leverage everything. Sell your Mama if you have to.

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