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Give It Away

Sometimes astonishing things can happen when you give brilliant content away online for free. Martin and I embarked on our remarkable Hollywood journey to film over 30 episodes of the BrewDogs show, brewing outrageous beers in crazy ways with the best breweries in America.

People all round the world watched our homemade video blogs. Little did we know at the time, but our videos were also being watched by the high flying TV execs of Hollywood. After being whisked off to California to shoot a pilot episode and a healthy debate as to whether Scottish accents needed subtitles for a US audience, Martin and I ended up with our own hit TV show, BrewDogs.

There are countless other examples of free online content leading to huge opportunities. 

We have always loved the sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion in the craft beer community and we wanted to take that spirit of collaboration to the next level with DIY Dog. The keys to our kingdom. Every single BrewDog recipe to be brewed, bastardised, adapted and most of all, enjoyed.

We even sell kits so that our customers can recreate our beers at home. We share our future plans, our hopes and dreams, our successes and our shortcomings; we would far rather put too much information out there too much than too little. The future of business is sharing and great things can happen when you give up just the right amount of control. Remember, it is not even your brand anyway – it rightly belongs to the people.

Astonishing things can happen when you give brilliant content away.

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