Marketing for Postmodern Dystopian Puppets

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Marketing for Postmodern Dystopian Puppets

When you are running a small business, you quickly need to figure out how to get some bang for your marketing budget, when you don’t actually have a marketing budget. Our anarchic, no holds barred, post-punk marketing strategy has had the biggest single impact on our twin turbo supercharged rise to fame. Full stop.

For the last few years, we have had more airtime and more column inches than any other brewery in the UK as we rapidly raised awareness of what we do by dominating the beery the headlines.

Not bad, considering our spend was next to nothing and we were up against some serious players, with multimillion-pound budgets. At BrewDog, when it came to marketing, we quickly learnt how to punch above our weight. Putting some beer companies, weighing in at over 200 times our size, on the ropes in the process.

So how did we do it? By a punking it up. By shaking up a stuffy industry. By taking a stand for what we believe in and by trying to smash to pieces what we don’t believe in. By ensuring our customers could become fans and that our fans could become ambassadors. By taking on industry giants, and winning. And by storming the London stock exchange in a soviet tank.  All of this enabled us to have a phenomenal fast-track impact.

For today’s businesses, marketing is everything. Everything you and your business does is marketing. Modern brands don’t belong to companies, they belong to the customer. And marketing dialogue is a two way street, with customers actively engaged in shaping your brand. Gone are the days of the brand monoliths, who monopolised and dominated sectors and markets with old rules and out-dated techniques. As they desperately cling to the ways of the past, you can be part of forging the future. The end of an era always gives rise to unprecedented opportunities. A new dawn in marketing is here, and there are golden opportunities aplenty for those bold and imaginative enough to seize the day.

Don’t stand still but do stand out. When it comes to marketing at the dawn of the 21st century, playing it safe doesn’t cut it anymore. Safe is boring, safe gets lost, safe is over. Don’t follow the herd. Lead from the front, break the rules, and to hell with convention and the consequences.

Pimp your product, punk up marketing and take the world by storm.

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